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No Turning Back

The word conquer has changed meaning for Bryan Anderson. As a U. S. army sergeant in Iraq,
it meant taking down the enemy. After becoming the Iraq War’s fourth triple amputee from a
roadside explosive, what he had to conquer got a bit more personal.No Turning Back

On October 23, 2005, the moment he looked down and realized he no longer had legs, he cracked a joke. It was a tragedy that could break many, but Bryan transformed it into something positive, something that propelled him forward. Despite grueling surgeries and rehabilitation, his goal has always been bigger that simply walking again. Making the most of life, he went for it, learning how to snowboard, water-ski,  rock climb, and snowboard with his condition – even winning himself some gold medals to place next to his Purple Heart.

In this inspiring memoir, Bryan shares his infectious love for life that touches anyone who’s faced hardship. Anyone, in any circumstance, can overcome the toughest challenges, by not just surviving, but thriving. No Turning Back is a testament to pure hard work, perseverance, and hope for a better life – no matter what shape it takes.

A native of Chicago, BRYAN ANDERSON enlisted in the army in April 2001 and had a “ship out” date of September 11, 2001. He served two tours of duty in Iraq and was stationed in the Bagdad area. He attained the rank of sergeant in the military police and was awarded a Purple Heart. Bryan is an energetic and enthusiastic individual who enjoys challenging his limits. He is the national spokesperson for Quantum Rehab, a division of Pride Mobility Products, Corp. and USA Cares.

No Turning Back - One Man's Inspiring True Story of Courage, Determination, and Hope is
a available now on, Barnes&, and all major bookstores.


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Captain America

Bryan’s story was recently featured in Marvel Comics
Captain America Theater of War

in a special edition
titled To Soldier On. Click here for more information.